HTML Web Designer

Looking for someone who has experience designing websites to help with a basic redesign of This Is Not New. Would need to be able to integrate with existing blogger structure.  Please send me an e-mail at

Music Reviewer

Someone with great taste in popular, classic and indie music. Think Pitchfork and Hypem crowd. I would need at the very least one review of a song, music video or album per week. Please send me an e-mail and an sample review to

Creative Writing

Someone who knows how to play with words. Think more of a cinematic style, with a great ability to be visually descriptive. Must have a good sense of how to develop a complex and interesting character(s) within a limited context (also like film). Weekly/bi-monthly posts would focus on creating a unique and engaging story based on a series of images. If you've got questions or ideas, E-mail me at

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