Pendleton Woolen Mills X Opening Ceremony Fall Winter 2009

I remember back when I lived in Washington state, my grandfather, who was visiting for the holidays, insisted on going on a roadtrip to the Pendleton factory in Pendleton, Oregon. Thinking it might be fun and being an adventurous young chap, I decided to tag along. We drove almost an entire day through the eastern washington/oregon countryside to get there and as a child it is one of the more prominant memories that I have. My dad cursing and getting lost, my grandfather getting more and more aggravated by each additional mile. It was like a pressure cooker in that small car and you could practically feel the tension, heavy in the air. When we finally pulled up to the factory at the end of a long and tedious journey, my grandfather, now the only one wanting to go inside, walks into the shop. About 5 minutes later he walks out angrily and tells my dad to get us out of there. Why? he asks. "The shirts are still too damn expensive."

Well I'm sure this collection from Opening Ceremony isn't going to be cheap, but you can get them at OCLA or OCNY this fall. Good luck with that!

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