Flickr Feature: Youichiro Yamakuwa - photographer, americana enthusiast

Rugby / Backpack2008-08-22 BBQ @Okazaki2009-06-17裏門前町公園

I stumbled upon Youichiro Yamakuwa's photostream awhile back and ever since I've been hooked. You can tell the guy's really got a sense of style and the art of aesthetic. He is great at street photography but also does product photography for his store which features all kinds of amazing americana finds including Rugby by Ralph Lauren and Double RL. I sent him a message over Flickr to get a little more info, and though he admitted that his english was limited, still answered a few of my questions. You can check out his photostream here. and also check out his store here.

TINN: What is the name of your shop and what is the website?

YY: "Hunky Dory"

TINN: How did you get into americana style clothing?

YY: buying from U.S.A

TINN: what camera do you use?

YY: Olympus E-3 my main camera

Many thanks to Youichiro Yamakuwa, for allowing me to bother him and letting me use his pictures and words.

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