Gitman Bros. / Hickey Freeman Manufacturer of Burberry Shirts

Burberry Check Dress Shirt
Next time you're shopping for a dress or oxford style shirt, check out the tags on the Burberry ones. It just might be Made In USA. I noticed this summer when I found a particularly interesting check patterned oxford style shirt and purchased it since it was at a good price. I keep noticing how nicely it was constructed and chalked it up to london tailoring, but when I got home I saw the made in USA tag and decided to do more research. Apparently since 1999, Burberry has been using Hickey Freeman and more recently Gitman Bros. also to produce it's tailored shirts. They decided at that time, in accordance with the rest of the brand, to upgrade the production of it's garments. They choose HF because it represented a high quality American tailoring brand and they felt it HF better represented Burberry while keeping American visibility and cohesion.

If you're ever wondering where your made in the USA product is manufactured, try out the FTC's RN Query. Simply write down the RN # for your garment and plug it into the search engine.

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