Plein A/W '09 Lookbook
It seems like the brand Plein has got the right idea. A Japanese concept brand that is about everything american. Still reading? Yeah this might not be the most original concept coming out of Japan, but what sets Plein apart is the smart tailored interpretation of Americana. Wait... scratch that. What sets Plein apart is a close attention to the looks that make it a smart interpretation of Americana. The outerwear, the denim, and corduroy pants, the accessories and the styling that make looks that ring slightly different but still true to Americana. At the very least, you can see how one might put together an outfit that looks modern while still hanging on to an essence of American fashion. I personally like the looks because they are more a representation of what you'd get if you mixed traditional American menswear with a rock n roll grunge vibe (something if you've been following the blog that I can respect). More photos in the full post.

Plein A/W '09

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