[Cinema Relevant] Sigur Rós Heima (2007)
I've decided to combine my film blog with this one. Here's my first watch.

I've been a fan of Sigur Rós from the time that I first heard Njósnavélin, featured on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack. Heima is a simple film. It documents the band's return to Iceland to play a series of concerts in remote parts of the island. The expansive, crisp shots are so gorgeous that I couldn't do them justice by simply describing them with words. You should see this film. I've never been to Iceland before, but if it is truly as beautiful as the film suggests, I definitely need to visit the place before I die. It's interesting, once I got the sense of island throughout the film, I began to understand how music like Sigur Rós can exist and it made perfect sense how the place produced such an interesting and unique sound.

A trailer in the full post + Njósnavélin video

[Cinema Relevant] Sigur Rós Heima (2007)

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  1. I netflixed this film on your recommendation. The visuals blew me away to say the least. I loved it! Keep the movie reviews/recommendations coming :-)


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