Visvim F.I.L. Exclusive Christo Patchwork

visvim fil patchwork christo sandals 3 VISVIM F.I.L. Exclusive Patchwork Christo
The Christo from Visvim is a sort of Birkenstock like mandal (man + sandal, get it har har). I happen to like Birkenstocks despite the obvious hippy college poet douche stereotype that the name brings with it. I think that the Birkenstock's ill repute is unfair and should be reconsidered. The Birkenstock is a prime example of excellent craftsmanship and a commitment to lasting quality and an investment in your clothing. I guess I'll leave that rant to another post, tho. The Christo also gets a bad wrap here in the states but is favored (as confirmed by a friend who has been living in HK) by the Chinese. I think they have a really nice aesthetic and improve on current sandal technology. Sure they have a tech meets Birkenstock appearance, but it's something I can really get into because it represents good design. The patchwork harkens to madras so that's another reason why I'm stuck on this particular model. Come Spring '10, you may be seeing a pair of these on my feet. More pictures/link in the full. What do you think?

Visvim Christo Patchwork
visvim fil patchwork christo sandals 2 VISVIM F.I.L. Exclusive Patchwork Christovisvim fil patchwork christo sandals 1 VISVIM F.I.L. Exclusive Patchwork Christo

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