Visvim ISDT Boots -Folk F.I.L. Exclusive

visvim isdt boots folk fil exclusive visvim ISDT Boots Folk F.I.L. Exclusive
I know, I know. I've been overposting all things Visvim, but can you blame me? Some really nice things have been dropping, and unfortunately they all happen to be F.I.L. exclusives. I have some hope that these will go up on eBay in some time but I guess we'll see. From the looks, the boot is a basic desert boot. Crepe sole, suede upper. I can spy a bothersome bright yellow heel sliver (why do they always do that??) and what looks like a layer of leather between the upper and the crepe, so perhaps the crepe sole is replaceable. If that's the case these should be considered an investment piece. The price is probably around $500 US, but that's just a guesstimate at this point. The boots are dropping at all FIL locations sept 2nd (today).

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