The Aviator Look.

  1. visvim kautokeino jacket
  2. R by 45RPM BC400 Suvin AiDenim
  3. Grenson Aviator Boots
  4. Rayban Aviators
  5. Supreme X Hanes Tee
  6. Breitling Navitimer Chrono-matic 49


  1. How much is the Kautokeino jacket, and who will sell it? Kautokeino is a Samic town of Northern Norway for those who didnt know.

  2. @Anon

    Thanks for commenting and also for that bit of information. I think it's around $2,000. There is a current listing on a message board for $1,800. Here is a link.

  3. Great to see this. I work in the aviation biz and they're still folks flying who dress very much like this. By the way, thanks for the kind words on ACL. I was getting my ass handed to me by Gawker back then and your comment was appreciated.

  4. @tintin

    thanks for the comment. Us bloggers have to stick together, especially against people like that joke of a journalist at gawker.

    I think this is the type of outfit that might instantly get you recognized as a pilot. Could look too much of a "costume" or "uniform" but I think it just yells classic american style. I'm glad there's still people out there dressing like this representing the aviation business.


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