[The 50 Greatest Movie Posters of All Time]
Okay, so I lied, there's actually 53, and they're not officially the greatest, but rather some of the more interesting ones in my own opinion. I just can't get over the aesthetics of the movie poster. I remember as a kid browsing the rows of old VHS boxes in my local rental store in awe at how each one told a different story. An entire film distilled into a static rectangle. Typography, bold or subtle, dark or light.Then the choice of a graphical representation of the film. From stills, photography, drawing, painting, all sorts of artistic forms to create a feeling, the hook that will get someone into the theater. It is a collaborative effort, all intended to invite or repulse you depending on the film. The primary reason the movie poster exists is to solicit a human response, without it, it is powerless. Here are some of my favorite movie posters that are both new and old, serious or hilarious, but ultimately all make me I want to sit down and watch a movie. Click the full post for the collection, and if you've got some in mind that you don't see, don't hesitate to post em' in the comments section.

[Movie Posters][ YOJIMBO POSTER ] The Red Shoes[ 400 BLOWS POSTER ][ BLUE VELVET POSTER ][ BRAZIL POSTER ][ ZOMBIE POSTER ][ OFFICE SPACE POSTER ] The-Shining-Poster.jpg image by elvengador_2006

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  1. Wow. I don't think there is a movie or movie poster in there that I didn't like.

    impeccable taste!


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