Rock Star Style Icon: The Inspiration of Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones Richards
Leather Jackets, I don't give a fuck sunglasses--covering up those Heroin eyes, neck scarves, boots, plimsols, soccer sneakers?, cigarette hanging, swiggin' on a bottle of Jack, necklaces, wristbands, just woke up at 5 PM bed hair, sleeves pushed up so I can focus on my playing my guitar, stripes, patterns, skin tight pants, 3 peice suits, sleeveless, studded and bell bottomed...

and more in the full post. Jones & Keith Richards London, 1967 - The Rolling Stones Photograph image by tuesdayweld image by meyow22 & Pop Memorabilia


  1. Jack you know whats funny I didnt even know this was your blog and I was following it ! lol

    keep up the good work we need to one day meet up man!

  2. @jkissi

    lol nice!

    Whenever i get out to NYC you gotta show me all the best shops out there. especially vintage places and whatnot.

    keep up the good work as well with street etiquette, its really coming up!


  3. Love this blog, very inspiring in itself. KR is one of my all time favorite musicians. I just ate across from him not too long ago in hollywood.


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