The Selvedge Yard Talks About Denim

Montgomery Clift in Lee selvedge denim, here with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable, his costars in "The Misfits"
I've always been a sort of denim enthusiast myself even when I hardly knew much about the intense fanatic following behind it. When I got into this whole internet clothing and style business several years ago, I started with finding out more about denim jeans through the rather large subculture online. There are forums and websites dedicated to the history, and entire creation process of denim down to the yarn used. There is something I think universally attractive about a pair of jeans. And then there is the wear. The process of taking a blank slate, the raw untreated denim and wearing them until they take on characteristics of your movement, body and various other daily activities that make them unique. I think The Selvedge Yard's recent article sums up the historical appeal of the whole ordeal quite nicely and includes some choice photographs of all kinds of icons wearing American made denim. Check out the entire article here. If you like what you see don't forget to leave him a comment.


  1. thank u for the link...Gona be up late tonight going through the archives

    lovin' the black and whites

    keep it up!

  2. I have been following TSY for a little awhile now. I absolutely love his content, all of the photographs are breathtaking as well.

    you have an excellent eye,

    hope to see more :)

  3. been checking out this site on and off really love it when i come though


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