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This guy is just radiating style. Check out an additional picture and quick interview from
The Sartorialist in the full post.

Style icons?
David Bowie, Dennis Hopper & Fred Astaire

Personal style quirk?
Always leave room for assumption!

Also, my accessories - I have my signature pieces made for me, and wear them all at the same time or not at all. If I have a business meeting I may not wear any accessories other than overstated cuff links. Any accessory must be a focal point, and really say something.

Favorite designers
Lanvin, Ralph Lauren & Dries Van Noten

Most cherished item?
My vanilla colored vintage motorcycle jacket.

The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist's outfit...
How he or she has worked with the proportions.

Proportion for me...
Is playing with positive and negative. I combine really skinny with big, or short with long. No matter what proportion I am playing with there is always a juxtaposition of the two halves. The pieces have to compliment each other, otherwise you look like you are wearing part of someone else's outfit.

I always break this fashion rule…
Wearing loose fitting DB jackets unbuttoned.

I never break this fashion rule.
I never skip the belt (I am obsessed with them)!

Never caught wearing?
Dress shirt with a tie, without a jacket, in public.

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?
The perfect scarf. For a man or woman an ascot (or silk scarf) if styled properly can be the sexiest part of an outfit. For me scarves are essential whether they are knitted in the winter, or lighter in the summer - they create an interesting concept.

Favorite stores?
Bergdorf Goodman & 10 Corso Como.

Favorite vacation spot?
The coast of Maine. When I am there I don't remember that I live in NYC. It is so tranquil and totally different from my daily life in New York.

Favorite place to search for inspiration?
Manhattan Public Library

Best stylish movies?
Michelangelo Antonioni's “Blow Up,” John Schlesinger’s “Darling”

Currently reading?
Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Interview by Tracy Rosenbaum

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