Band of Outsiders "THIS IS NOT A POLO SHIRT" Collection & Blog

this is not a polo shirt band of outsiders spring 2010 1 This Is Not A Polo Shirt Collection by Band of Outsiders
The concept behind the Band of Outsider's polo shirt collection is to highlight the often underrated nature of the polo shirt throughout history despite its widespread popularity. The blog at showcases photographic proof of all kinds of historical and pop culture examples of great men wearing the shirt. It is currently accepting submissions and features some featuring J.P. Basquiat, Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate and other film icons like Harmony Korine and Jeff Daniels. The actual collection can be pre-ordered from the Band of Outsiders webstore, at The shirts are priced at $150, and are all made in Japan featuring some of the best knitting available in the world with A-Girls in Wakayama, Japan.

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