Our Legacy Brown Oxfords Via Tres Bien Shop

When I heard Tres Bien was having a sale on Our Legacy gear I couldn't pass up the pair of brown oxfords I'd been drooling over for the F/W season. After shipping and the VAT rebate I got a great deal on a pair of shoes I would have otherwise not had the chance to pick up here in the states. I was pretty excited to see that Tres Bien keeps it's word about a 5 day shipping policy all the way from Sweden, seeing as the oxfords arrived in exactly 5 (business) days. I'll keep the words to a minimum and post some hastily shot images that I uploaded to flickr. The price vs. quality of these shoes is simply amazing. Oh yeah and I'm on a 1:1 black and white kick, and it might last awhile.
outsidefrontVero Cuoio Sole
Stampedout the boxlogo'dfreshsimpleserial No.

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