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The Look [V]

Liking this outfit a lot more with the addition of J.Press driving gloves. It gives it a more formal look combined with a few pieces that are just rough enough around the edges to keep things interesting.
  1. Moncler Defense Jacket
  2. J.Press Knit Beanie
  3. J. Press Nappa Driving Gloves
  4. Dries Van Noten Wool Pants
  5. APC Suede Derby Boots
  6. Brooks Brothers Club (Round) Collar
  7. Inventory X A.O. Flecked Wool Bowtie

1 comment:

  1. Dope look, I still can't pull the bow tie off personally. I've been kicking tires on those J Press driving gloves for awhile now. Surprised they didnt get more blog love around.


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