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M.G. TC (1949)
"In retrospect, the TC was fortuitously timed for a postwar America with money to burn and time to spare. Who cared that performance was leisurely or that the skimpy top defied all operating logic? This was a car for sunny days and roads less traveled, one you drove for the sheer pleasure of it, not just to go somewhere. Old-fashioned it may have been, but the MG TC helped make driving a new American sport, and in the late 1940s, that was revolution indeed."

The above MG TC belonged to Carroll Shelby. The car is a 1949 MG TC that Shelby borrowed for a pair of races in Norman, Oklahoma in 1952 — both of which he won. The TC is still in racing form, powered by a 1250cc four-cylinder engine tuned for 100 horsepower. It sold for $313,500 in the Barrett-Jackson inaugural auction last year.

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