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The Playlist Vol.3

The Playlist Vol.3

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1. animal collective - what would sky want (TINN EDIT) (RapidShare)
2. grizzly bear - Cheerleader (RapidShare)
3. the delta mirror - he was worse than the needle he gave you (RapidShare)
4. cymbals eat guitars - tunguska (RapidShare)
5. modest mouse - parting of the sensory (RapidShare)
5.5. tears for fears - pale shelter (RapidShare)
6. ps i love you - facelove (RapidShare)
7. the very best ft. ezra from vampire weekend - warm heart of africa (RapidShare)
8. new order - age of consent (RapidShare)
9. julian casablancas - 11th dimension (RapidShare)
10.think about life - havin' my baby (RapidShare)

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