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style des femmes no.2

A collection of women's style, cultivated from all over the world.


  1. Thank you for the amazing pictures. Will definitely put this in my favorite, it gives me a lot of style ideas!

  2. Beautiful collection! Very inspiring!

  3. They are all white, American or European women. What about the African, Indian and Asian women? Have they no style? Or just not by your narrow-minded standards?

  4. Love love love it!!! it's so inspirational. maybe one day I will be on the post too ;)

    take care x

  5. Lets see: white, European descent, very young. That takes care of about 10% of women worldwide. What about the rest?

  6. I agree with the previous post. There is no diversity in these pictures, and all of the women are stick thin. No wonder so many girls are sick with eating disorders and suffering from low self esteem. How about promoting some fashions that are truly multicultural, and look great on all sizes of women?


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