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Feature: Rockmount Ranch Wear Denver, Colorado Made In USA

Rockmount Ranch Wear is one of those legendary brands that have stood the test of time, and have never compromised the core values of integrity, honesty and quality. Not many brands can say the same thing throughout the years, in fact many American Staples have folded under pressure from suits and ties and move manufacturing overseas, cut costs and use sub par fabrics and materials. Not to name names, but Levi's, LL Bean and even other western brands like wrangler have all fallen victim to the almighty profit margin. I've been meaning to write about Rockmount ever since I first started taking notice of the iconic diamond snapped shirts that my great uncle, a ranch owner in northern new mexico, outside of santa fe, would wear from time to time. This seems like the perfect chance, considering the new blog and a new found passion in all things americana. So if you're interested, click the view rest of post link and enjoy.

The Snap that changed the game.
Rockmount began in 1946 in Denver, Colorado. It was immediately successful do the creation of a snapping western shirt. No longer would a cowboy have to waste important seconds buttoning his shirt pockets or his shirt. You could snap up a shirt, cowboy up and get on with your business in no time flat. Also the breakaway nature of the buttons and the slim fit design helped riders who had a tendency to get snagged while riding. The cut was close to the body, eliminating extra fabric that could get hooked, and then with the addition of snaps, would break away even if it did. The inventer, Jack A. Weil, appealed to cowboy's need to be different, set apart from the crowd and an individual. So he furthered the brand by making Rockmount snaps in the signature "Sawtooth" and "diamond" shapes. To this day, RRW makes all it's products in the United States of America and is still very much a family business run by the great grandson of Jack, Steve. Steve has reintroduced 100% cotton western shirts, and kept the slim fit of the classic Rockmount western shirt. Things across the country may change, but Rockmount Ranch Wear will stay true to it's roots in american western culture.

RRW has a rich history of celebrity endorsements including, Clark Gable, Tom hanks, Hall & Oates, Tony Curtis, Bob Dylan, Heath Ledger, Bruce Springsteen, and Eddie Murphy.

Clark Gable in RRW

Eric Clapton in Rockmount Signature Western Shirt and Visvim Polke's.

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