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Late Summer Outfit

I recently had all my shorts tailored so I've been wearing them non-stop. Featured here is a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren classic seersucker shorts. I often find it hard to decide whether or not to dress them up, but usually ultimately stick to a plain v neck or an oxford like this Visvim one I just bought for F/W. The visvim "logan" deck shoes are perfect for summer outfits (despite the fact that everyone wears vans' deck style shoes all year round). It's getting pretty breezy here in the PM so I keep either a light v neck or in this case my Burberry London athletic style hooded sweater. Its a raw (read: stiff, untreated) 100% loop back woven cotton jersey that will soften and slightly variate in color with wear & wash. The sweater also features heavy duty Italian Lampo brand zippers, the kind you'd often find on quality made leather bags and jackets. Definitely not going to be breaking on me anytime soon. I finally have an excuse to upload some detail pictures since I bought it a couple months ago. Those pictures in the full post.

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